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School hours:

            Wednesday    3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
              Saturday     9:45 am - 1:15 pm


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Saturdays 11:00 am

Our Art Class is a perfect place for kids to learn how to draw, and to use media such as color pencilpastelcharcoal, and watercolors. 

Children explore colorformtexture, and learn elements and principles of composition.

Our class combines creative approach to learning

with a traditional school of art.

The skills and appreciation for art that your kids will acquire in our class will stay with them for a lifetime.


  • Acting / Drama Class

    Dear parents,

    Please note that we are not accepting

    more students to Drama class for this semester.

    If you are interested in participating next

    semester starting January you

    should send your request by emailing


    Acting / Drama Class

    Improve your Russian language skills while fostering your creativity!

    Develop your artistic potential with the help of an experienced teachers.

    Learn stage speech and acting techniques, improvisation skills, voice, dance and more! No previous experience is required.




Contact us:

(510) 528-3540 Svetlana


1900 Essex St.  Berkeley, CA 

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