Irina Liner

Irina Liner is a linguist with a PhD in Russian Philology. For more than 20 years she has worked as an Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages at an All-Russian Distant Learning Institute of Finance and Economics (now it’s the Financial University under the Government of the RF). In 2009 she won a Fulbright Academic Exchange Program grant and started her CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) research at the Berkeley Language Center, UC Berkley.

Irina has been involved in many different fields, e.g. linguistics, research, textbook writing, translation and editing, journalism, copywriting, advertising quality rating, etc., but teaching has always remained her major passion. Irina applies an individual approach to every student depending upon their age and language competency level, learning goals and styles, as well as individual characteristics. She believes that all language skills should be developed equally.

Irina is a member of CATESOL (Californian Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages), NATE (National Association of Teachers of English, Russia) and National Association of Applied Linguistics, Russia.


Julia Smyk

Julia graduated from the Rachmaninov School of Classical Music and the College of Music in St. Petersburg. 
Julia has extensive teaching experience. Starting 2001 she worked as a music teacher, as a children’s choir conductor, a private piano teacher, an accompanist for flute classes as well as a soprano singer in the Russian musical band A’cappella.  Since 2008, she has been working as a music, piano, and voice teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Julia adores children and she tries to promote an understanding of the benefits of early music education in order to develop healthy happy children.During her lessons children develop their musical abilities through perception and performance using the language of music. Julia’s classes help young musicians fine-tune their musical ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction such as teamwork and discipline. The children also work on overcoming difficulties of in-tune singing, learn to use various musical instruments, and of course play games!





Tatyana Mak 

Tatyana attended and graduated with honors from the Stavropol Art School in Russia for gifted and talented kids. She then graduated from Zagorskij Art Collage specializing in Plastic and Wooden Toy design.

Tatyana worked as a head teacher of Art Studio for gifted children for over 10 years. She guided students in visual and tree-dimensional art courses; planned, organized and supervised the program curriculum.                                                                                                                  
Tatyana has 5 years of experience as a freelance Interior Decorator in New York City. 

At the present Tatyana works as an After School Art Program Teacher in San Francisco where she creates and implements daily art activities. Her emphasis is introducing her students to various art media.                                                                              
Tatyana participated in The Third European Congress INSEA in Lisbon, Portugal; International Visual Art and Art Education Conference for Children in Hyvinkaa, Finland.


Gold Medal at the 33rd Concorso Internazionale D’arte GRAFICA in Belluno, Italy;

First Prize at the International Young Artists Competition, Des Moines, Iowa;

Honors from International Visual Art and Art Education Conference for Children in Hyvinkaa, Finland.


Maxim Klepikov

Maxim Klepikov, PhD graduated from Yaroslavl State University, majoring in biology and specializing as a biology and chemistry teacher.  Maxim is an author of more than 70 scientific and 100 popular-science articles published in “GEO”, “Vokrug Sveta”, “Yunyi Naturalist” as well as other magazines. He has received several awards and certificates for participating in different competitions in the sphere of education and ecological journalism. 

Maxim has worked in an academic environment for 20 years and was a deputy director for scientific research at the Children’s “House of Nature” eco-biological center in for 17 years.In his work Maxim has always used the latest available educational-informational technologies. In 1993 Maxim taught biology at the International Children’s Computer Summer Camp.Being a talented teacher with an extensive experience of work with children, Maxim is also an author and developer of the first all-Russia telecommunication educational projects for school children.
Maxim currently lives and works in California where one can find the highest level of biological diversity for mid-latitude locations on the planet Earth.During his lessons he strives to make children aware of all these natural treasures. His knowledge and interesting presentation of the material excites not only children but adults as well.

Nadezhda Serebrennikova

My name is Nadezhda Serebrennikova. I graduated from Saint Petersburg State Pedagogical University in 2000, majoring in elementary school teaching.  But life had a different plan for me. I worked not only in elementary school as a teacher but also as a journalist in the newspapers “Saint Petersburg Vedomosti” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Having gotten tired of chasing news all the time I began writing novels and stories both for adults and for children.

My books “Born against all odds” and “Curious Things” were awarded certificates at the Berlin International “Book of the Year” Competition for Russian Speaking Authors.

I like working at the Russian Program because I can realize my creative potential there. I try to teach in an interesting and interactive manner that appeals to every child. Children are always open for creativity and they are fountains of interesting ideas. Each child is a creator. The main task of a teacher is to prevent the child’s fountain of creativity from drying out.

“Guardians of the World,” is a cartoon which was designed and produced by the children in the Russian school’s 2016 “Cartoon Academy” class and will be an entry in the San Diego International Kids Films Festival.

I think that my new class, “Story Lab” will be interesting both for children as well as parents who are interested in their child’s creativity in the Russian language.



Sos Hakobyan

Sos began his math education as a young child by enrolling in a physical-mathematical school in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated with honors in math major from Yerevan State University. His experience includes more than 5 years of teaching math subjects to high school and college/university students. He developed curriculum for his students and also organized and lead an olympic math group. His former students are National Mathematics Olympiad winners who currently study at top universities in the world.

Sos has always been passionate about math and he enjoys making students fall in love with math. He enjoys working with students at different levels and applying a unique approach to each student. He also speaks Russian and Armenian, which allowed him to work with students from different backgrounds.

Sos became interested in chess at the age of five. He started playing chess professionally in Moscow, Russia. He played series of tournaments such as Moscow Championship and Russian Cup Chess Tournament. He earned Candidate Master Title in the year of 2004. Since 2010, he has been a regular member and an active chess player of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).

Today, he is the 1st Category with one candidate Master norm.



Foto Dina

Dina Moshkovich

Dina obtained her Master’s Degree from Odessa University in the former USSR. In 1991, after she moved to the United States, she graduated and received her teaching credentials from the Berlitz Language School. She then taught Russian at Berlitz as well as at a Russian private school in Walnut Creek.

Dina has a lot of experience and a true understanding of the methodology of teaching the language. She pays special attention to developing her students’ interest in Russian language and culture. Dina is known for establishing a great rapport with her students. She brings a lot of variety and engaging learning activities to each of her lessons.

Throughout her years of teaching Dina received great feedback from her students and their parents.  


Svetlana Livdan 

Svetlana Livdan graduated from Kharkov State University specializing in Romano-Germanic philology and interpreting.

She has taught different subjects in her educational career. 

Svetlana spent years training in linguistics and methods of teaching foreign languages. She loves teaching children of different ages and enjoys sharing her expertise of learning different subjects with the students.





Anna Vorobyeva   

Anya is an active and creative person. She has a broad spectrum of interests beyond elementary education that she is passion about. Anya is actively involved in school organization and extra-curricular activities, such as New Year Celebrations, Puppet Shows and Concerts that became very popular in our educational community.

Anya was born and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from Gertzen  State Pedagogical University with a degree in pedagogy and psychology in preschools. Anya worked in kindergartens in St. Petersburg, Russia and in the Bay Area, USA. She has a lot of experience working with children, she is the mother of 3.

Kids should keep speaking and studying Russian even though they live in an English-speaking environment. Anna’s goal is to help children maintain their Russian language skills.


Ella Levine

Program Director and Math Teacher

Ella Levine began her math education as a young child, working closely with  her grandfather, a math professor. She soon enrolled in the popular  correspondence math course offered by Moscow State University and  completed the 3 year program with honors. She won multiple awards in math  olympiads during her high school years. She received her MS in applied  mathematics from the Moscow Petrochemical University.

Her PhD program in math statistics was interrupted by immigration to the  United States in 1991. While learning English and beginning work in the  software industry, Ella continued to teach math: as tutor for middle and high  school students and as teacher at a Russian weekend school.

As part of a sabbatical she moved to Paris 2007 where she studied comparative math curriculums involving American, Russian and French math teaching methods. She has used this research to develop her own techniques for teaching kids.

Upon return to the United States, Ella founded a math program Firecracker Math to help children to strengthen their math skills, to further develop their aptitude and abilities in math, and to increase their confidence.  But Firecracker Math students go beyond the school curriculum. They learn about other important fields of mathematics such as topology, logic, theory of probability, and statistics. In her approach Ella employs anecdotes from the history of mathematics and lives of famous mathematicians, math games, problems and puzzles that spike children interest in math, and help them appreciate its beauty and power.

Ella believes that math, as the ultimate human science, develops kid’s abilities in reasoning and logical thinking, and gives them excellent tools to succeed in their later studies and their lives.



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