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New Class!

Starting September!

Attention young journalists!

In September the Russian program “Krugozor” will open a new class – “Story Lab.”

The new class is led by writer and journalist, Nadezhda Serebrennikova.  The goal of this class is to develop the creative potential of children as writers and/or journalists.

If your child is full of ideas which are waiting to be immortalized, then this class is for you.  We will learn to note the unusual in the usual, observe life through the eyes of an author who is ready and willing to tell everybody about the things he or she has seen.

Each child is a reviewer, writer, journalist, photographer, artist and altogether a full member of an editorial stuff whose goal is to issue a newspaper (we will come up with the title together).

During our classes we will read books aloud and discuss them as well as create and illustrate our own stories.

In addition to this class we recommend that your child take the “Russian language” class of Irina Lainer. Any support and encouragement of a child’s creativity by his or her parents is greatly appreciated.

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