Russian for Adults


Ages 18 & older


Course Descriptions

This course will combine proven techniques with the latest interactive technologies for an efficient and effective learning experience that let you have fun while you learn. Besides the textbook you will practice the Russian language through poems, tongue-twisters, songs, movies, games, quizzes, flashcards, audio excerpts, and more.


With us, you will

Learn a language in small increments, each increment reinforcing the previous one, while preparing you for the next one;

Begin speaking immediately using essential words and phrases develop practical language skills to speak with confidence in any situation.

Moving up from Essential to Advanced Level the following topics will be covered:

  • People, Family and Home;
  • Getting Around Town;
  • Everyday Life;
  • Ordering At a Restaurant, Food;
  • Countries and Languages;
  • Communicating At Work and at School;
  • Socializing;
  • Health and the Human Body;
  • Talking on the Phone;
  • Shopping, etc.


Whether you are interested in Russian Culture and Literature or studying for your trip to Russia, or connecting with family – this course is for you!



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