Russian as a Second Language

(for kids 7 – 10)


Come have fun while learning a new language!

In this class children will be introduced to the Russian alphabet (33 letters) and around 500 words and word combinations related to them. This basic vocabulary will include all parts of speech and will cover such major topics as:  

Things around us


Parts of the body




Numbers, Time

Days of the week, months and seasons

Cities and countries

Places of interest in Russia, etc.



Children will learn First Phrases and will start simple small talk communication. They will also do pronunciation drills and trace samples of Russian cursive writing. 

For Russian grammar, they will learn to understand and differentiate Singular and Plural, Gender, Positive, Negative, and Simple Verb forms.

Home assignments will be provided to help with mastering all language skills.


We teach for Challenge, you learn for Joy!

Come join us!







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