Performance Singing



If your child likes to sing then it is essential to help him/her to develop these talents at an early stage!

It is during childhood when it is important to realize a child’s potential!

Class where children will be able to develop their singing skills and to get acquainted with the techniques of singing.

Diana Zlatina, a wonderful professional singer with voice coaching experience, will help your children to learn how to sing beautifully and artistically. Her goal is to help develop the inner creativity of every child.

During this class your child will get:

– Vocal-technical, musical – aesthetics development;

– Microphone skills;

 – Development of the ear for music and rhythm, choreography and acting technique;

 – Russian repertoire;

– Musical and dramatic performances.

The main educational principle is to develop the creative individuality of each child, to take off the blocks, to train the voice, and to develop artistic talents.

Diana will help your child to achieve the best skills which he/she will be able to use not only on the stage but for a lifetime.

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