Mom and Me


Up to 3 years old with parents


We invite little ones and their parents to our music development lessons held in Russian. During our lessons we will sing fun songs and help develop fine motor skills and rhythm using jester and finger games and by playing musical instruments. Active games such as warm-ups, tag, circle dance, and tasks with play parachutes will help your toddler’s physical development. Together with our little students we will learn how to listen to and understand music as well as discover different musical instruments.

The lessons are held with live accompaniment on guitar and other instruments. The lessons are based on Zhelesnova’s popular “Music with Mother” and “School of perfect ear for music” methodologies.

In the course of our classes you will notice that your child will begin singing independently, be able to play simple rhythmic patterns, and show interest in music and sounds that surround him/her. But the most important part is the fun you will get while you spend your time with your child in engaging and developing games!



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