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                            Our program is based on the best traditions and

classical methods of teaching mathematics.

We introduce and explore math concepts and problem-solving techniques. Students develop a love for math as they learn how to apply reasoning skills and logical thinking to all aspects of their studies. We will help your child to build a solid foundation and understanding of mathematics. Theoretical instructions are combined with practical exercises that employ chess, brain teasers, and logical puzzles to demonstrate serious mathematical concepts.

At our math classes we are going to show to your child that math can be incredibly creative, exciting, and fun.  

We offer small class sizes, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, and individual approach according to each student’s needs.



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  • This has been an amazing find. Excellent teachers and affordable. I homeschool my son so I am always looking for classes, teachers, and curriculum that goes above and beyond the regular current standards for education. The organizers and teachers who have created this program have their hearts and minds in the right place.

       M.B., Santa Barbara, CA

  • You guys are the best! Ben has started to really love math again, after really disliking it with Berkeley Math Circle.

        Laura W., Berkeley

  • My daughter really been enjoying Firecracker Math with Dr. Lebow, and I was thinking of signing her up for Math in Motion in the fall.

        Narsico J, Piedmont



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