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Early in children’s lives, music has the tremendous power to enhance, not only a love of music itself, but also their overall development.

We offer age-appropriate, interactive music sessions for children ages 3 to 6.

We use an integrated approach to develop creativity and a love for music in our students. Children will not only listen but will learn to understand and appreciate classical and traditional music, and also how to actively make music and improvise themselves. Verbal instructions are combined with visual and sensory-based materials. Musical material includes age-old traditional Russian folklore lullabies, playtime songs, finger plays and well-known and much loved classical children’s songs. Since students are given an opportunity to express themselves in a fun and supportive atmosphere, the lessons will also help students to build confidence in performing in front of others.

During our fun and engaging sessions children will:

  • develop basic music skills (such as tone, rhythm, volume)
  • prepare for formal music instruction and school-based music education
  • sing along, improvise and move to music
  • explore and play a variety of simple music instruments,
  • listen to various music genres and composers
  • improve learning and social skills such as taking turns, sharing, following directions
  • improve their language skills and appreciation of Russian culture
  • experience the joy of making music together, and HAVE FUN!

In addition to development of basic music skills our program encourages social and communicative skills and teaches traditional Russian culture through music.








We have been looking for a Saturday school for our 3-year old, where she could improve her Russian. We found Krugozor by accident, tried it and loved it right away. After four months two 45-min lessons a week, our  daughter was comfortable communicating in Russian, and moreover, she started *liking* going to school.

Kruguzor is not a set-up business with an office and such. It’s a non-profit organization that started as a group of parents who wanted to have good classes for their kids and whoever would join. They rent space in Berkeley and hire professional teachers to lead the classes. We are doing Music and General Development classes (they also have Art plus some classes for older kids. Kids sing, try out some music instruments, learn basics of rhythm and so on. Both kids and parents love it. Five stars, definitely.

Julia K., Berkeley



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