Drama/ Musical




This course is designed as a combination of several disciplines and based on theatrical music games.

Children will learn singing, acting techniques and stage movements (dance), study the basics of stage performance, and elocution.  Besides the interactive exercises, classes will include staging dance musical mini-plays on set subjects. The lessons are based on original vocal teaching methodologies (Set Riggs, Don Markley, Catherin Sadolin, Bob Stoloff, James Aebersold and many others).

The instruction will consist of the following classes:


  1. Vocal ensemble singing:
  • Development of music skills for variety-jazz singing;
  • Development of the ear for music and rhythm;
  • Breathing basics;
  • Basic music theory;
  • Selection of repertoire, sound track layout;
  • Ensemble singing with varying soloist, vocal composition of chords;
  • Singing warm-up in order to develop range and singing skills
  • Singing a cappella;
  • Microphone usage;
  • Preparing music parts for staging a musical;

2. Acting lessons:

  • Stage movement;
  • Emancipation, remove acting blocks;
  • Theater games, single and group sketches;
  • Small theater productions;
  • Articulation exercises (tongue twisters and different elocution exercises, verses, concoctions, stories);
  • Developing an ability to impersonate, working on emotional expressiveness;
  • Single and group sketches;
  • Emotional techniques of emancipation.

3. Stage movement (dance):

  • Stage movement, skills on how to work with an audience;
  • Ability to feel your body and to express emotions through movement;
  • Ability to dance with music and express its character;
  • Basic elements of classical jazz, modern dance, Broadway dance;
  • Work on posture, isolation (isolated body part’s movements – head, shoulders, hands and torso);
  • Basic stretches.


All the above will conclude with a musical drama performance for the parents and friends of the school at the end of the semester.

The “Musical” class is a great opportunity to discover and develop creative abilities in your child, to teach him/her how to get rid of stage fright, to develop good articulation and plasticity and to acquire musical and singing skills.  Children will learn how to masterfully use their voices, broaden their music knowledge and become comfortable in any social environment.

Lessons are designed for all children from age 8 and older.



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