What an amazing school for my young son (4 years)!  The lessons are interesting, interactive, and the teacher Irina has a clear knowledge of how children internalize language.  Also, the director of the program is friendly, inviting, and accommodating.  The homework is instructive and useful without being exhausting for a young child.  I can’t wait till my boy is a little older so that he can attend more of the classes.

Wendy W., Berkeley


Our Classes:


  • Russian Language (5 levels)
  • Russian as a second language
  • Math
  • Nature Exploration
  • Early Music Develpment
  • Me and Mom
  • Performance Singing
  • ART
  • Story Lab
  • Drama
  • Russian for Adults



We group students according to their age, language level, and educational needs with input from the parents.


Number of students in a group:

3-6 year olds: no more than 8 students

6-15 year olds:  no more than 10 students

The curriculum is based on Russian educational methods and standards.

Customized and enriched by our teachers to meet the needs of the students.



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