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My name is Tatiana. I am a professional artist and I am always working on my own art projects. Colors, patterns and lines are essential elements of my work. They help me to find my own way of looking at the world, and to share my understanding of life and my ideas with people.

I draw my inspiration from nature. Everything I see and feel originates by nature, I never stop being amazed in how beautiful it is! I think that art must illustrate the beauty and complexities of the nature. Most of my life has been dedicated to children, who are also my inspiration and my passion. I have been teaching art to children for 15 years. One of the most important things in my teaching is encouraging kids to explore the possibilities of working with a wide variety of materials and art techniques.

In my classes I use various media such as watercolors, oil, pastels, color pencils, and acrylics. My students make collages from natural materials: a seed, shells, scrapes of wood, dry flowers and leaves. They experiment with fabric and dyes, learn how to sew, needlepoint, knit. Our projects involve 3-D origami, play dough or clay.

I believe that the best method of teaching is a combination of personal approach to each child and extensive and engaging hands-on activities.





My 8-year old daughter has been taking Tatiana’s ART class for 2 years and she enjoys it a lot. In this class kids explore different traditional mediums (watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, pencils) as well as mixed media techniques (they work with hand-made paper, seeds and dried leaves, used origami techniques and even learned how to weave baskets!).

The teacher also introduces kids to art history–at the beginning of every class she talks about the particular style or artist and always share with kids great art books that inspire little ones a lot. I’m very happy with that class and my daughter always says that she can’t wait to back to the class.

Tatiana P., Oakland


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